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Basement Stairs

Some Americans still believe that the basement is the core nightmare of the house.

Homeowners complain about cluttered underground quarters with moisture, wet walls, and air leaks.

If you are among those who do not put the ground-floor area into a proper application, we offer high-quality basement remodeling services throughout Massachusetts.

You can count on the turnkey project performance and time-urgent options for partial refinishing.

The important part of any redoing of the underground space is basement stairs renovation. It is impossible to create an attractive interior in your ground-floor extra room without new staircases that fit your decor.

In comparison with other local basement renovation contractors, we are not abridged by the average remodeling options like wall and ceiling finishing, insulation, and waterproofing.


Our Services

We perform throughout MA while providing basement improvement services locally. Citizens of Canton, Concord, Newton, Boston, Lincoln, and other Massachusetts areas can count on our timely and high-grade constructional work.

If you are interested in the custom basement stairs remodel plan, contact us to specify details and discuss your project.

We make a specialty out of replacement, redoing, installation of staircases that fully meet our customers’ requirements.

Our dedicated team believes that new steps can complement your interior significantly. Among all available interior variants, designers of our basement renovation contractor often recommend the installation of spiral staircases.


Why Spiral Stairs for Basement?

There are many types of stairs that you can select for your underground quarters. Nevertheless, most of them are not applicable for the tiny space. For example, straight, L-shaped, and U-shaped stairs will steal your square footage on the ground floor. If you are for ergonomics, it is better to search for more compact solutions. Spiral staircases will suit the best for this purpose.

The same story is about curved stairs that are usually installed in spacious residences to navigate between the first and the second floor. This construction is too massive for your custom basement remodel needs. Split and cantilever staircases are also far from ideal variants to complement your ground-floor interior.

Speaking about the advantages of the spiral stairs, it is worth mentioning the following pros:

  • Compactness — the main benefit of this design. You can install any shape of spiral stairs with a suitable length and width of steps for your square footage. This way you will highlight the best features of the basement interior and will not waste extra space needed for decorative elements you prefer.
  • Improved walkability — one more essential factor for underground areas with limited square footage. If you want more coziness and visual aesthetics, spiral staircases are your must-have solution. But note that for the best option you will need rather wide and firm steps with proper texture and distance between constructional elements.
  • Eye-catching style — it adds extra attractiveness and lightness to the construction. The transparency that is achieved through the spiral design will increase your space even if it is far from large. There are many variations to take into consideration. You can select a loft design while combining wooden steps with metal fitting. Add interesting railings to complement the composition.
  • Solid & ever-lasting structure — spiral staircases include a central pole that improves the whole construction. You can be sure that such a custom basement finishing solution will serve you for years and will be notable for its heavy-duty properties. Even if your underground area turns out to become a high-traffic zone, spiral stairs will withstand these loads.

Our company is ready to bring any of your ideas into reality as soon as possible. If you are looking forward to the installation of spiral stairs in your basement, contact us. We will replace your old steps, remodel your existing construction, or repair some elements for finishing your basement the most optimal way.


Replacement of Basement Stairs

Do not mystify yourself that old stairs will not spoil your refinished ground-floor accommodations. You need to refresh the surface of the steps at least.

But if your staircases are too outdated, it is dangerous to walk up and down through them. We suggest replacing existing construction with a new spiral variant.

Our installers will dismantle old steps and assemble a new model very fast and professionally. The cost to redo basement stairs is about $850-$3,100. The final price depends on the individual characteristics of the construction and the complexity of the installation process.

In comparison with other MA basement refinishing companies, we are a trustworthy contractor with an affordable pricing plan and always qualitative materials (fitting, steps, equipment, tools, etc.).

Call us now if you need a high-level replacement of existing staircases on your ground floor. Get a free estimate right now!

Basement Stair Finishing

Note that in case of some minor imperfections on your spiral staircase it is possible to finish the surface. Bare and unpolished wood can be treated in the most suitable way. For example, while painting and varnishing steps, our specialists can add the waterproofing layer to protect your stairs from any external factors.

Usually, custom-finished basements contain bright well-finished or qualitatively refinished staircases that are comfortable to use. If you are searching for the best solution for the improvement of your existing spiral construction, do not miss time and contact our experts!

The average cost of these services is about $370 for one section with 11-13 steps. We are one of the leading and never-failing contractors to finish a basement stair surface!


Staircase Remodeling Service

We can customize any construction to meet your interior requirements. For example, our specialists can dismantle old railing and install new ones of another material.

If you want a loft-style composition, it is better to combine wooden steps with metal or steel railing of dark colors. At the same time, some traditional or classic styles demand models made of:

  • fabricated wood;
  • engineered wood;
  • hardwood. 

Be open to experiments with our team! It is worth noting that each remodeling project involves using only high-quality fittings like fasteners and other elements. We guarantee that the staircase construction will be solid and timeproof.

Spiral Stairs Installation

Finally, this is the most demandable option among homeowners who initiate basement improvements from scratch. When you have a new house with plenty of opportunities for design implementation, this is a great deal! Our company is glad to become your reliable assistant when it comes to the installation of spiral staircases.

Remodel your underground space with us or create a newly-made plan from scratch with our designers and builders! The central pole together with steps and railings will be installed well to provide your residence with one more durable construction. The average cost of our work is approximately $2,000-$5,000. Ask our managers about a free estimate!

Our dedicated team offers a full set of modern solutions to redo basement stairs the best way at a reasonable price. Do not hesitate to order our basement stair renovation services — discuss your project with our managers now!